Storytelling As Activism

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Book Talk with Candace Jane Opper
Thursday, April 22nd from 6:30 – 8:30pm EST
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Join us for a book talk with Candace Jane Opper, author of the recent release Certain and Impossible Events. In this workshop, Candace will discuss the creation of the book, her writing and research process, and the importance of writing openly about suicide. The workshop will feature time for an audience Q&A and discussion.

From Kore Press Institute: “Certain and Impossible Events orbits the death of a fourteen-year-old boy who shot and killed himself a week after Kurt Cobain’s suicide had become international news. Haunted by the hazy circumstances around her classmate’s death, Candace Jane Opper takes a kaleidoscopic lens to the cultural history of suicide in America, unearthing an invisible network and revealing the ways that no individual suicide—well-known or hardly documented—exists in a vacuum.”

Certain and Impossible Events is available at White Whale Bookstore and at other locally-owned bookshops:

About The Author: Candace Jane Opper is a writer, a mother, and a visual artist. She is the author of Certain and Impossible Events, selected by Cheryl Strayed for the Kore Press Memoir Award. Her writing has appeared in Guernica, Longreads, Narratively, Literary Hub, Brevity, Creative Nonfiction, Bright Wall/Dark Room, and Vestoj, among others. She grew up in the woods of Southern Connecticut and now lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and son.

Content Warning: This workshop will include open discussions of suicide, suicide loss, and grief. As always, be mindful and take stock of your mental health needs while you attend.

Accessibility: This workshop will be held via Zoom and can be joined via computer, a mobile device, or phone call. Communication on Zoom calls can be in the form of audio/video, audio alone, and/or text. We will have live closed captioning (both integrated in Zoom and in paragraph form). There is no fee for joining the Zoom workshop. Live, AI-generated closed captioning will be available (both integrated and in paragraph form). If you have any questions, please private message our Facebook page.

This workshop is part of a series made financially possible through support from Opportunity Fund. Stay tuned for more workshops and opportunities relating to artistic craft, mental health storytelling, and activism. Inside Our Minds is a project of New Sun Rising.


Past Events

Storytelling As Activism: Reclaiming Our Narratives
Access the Online Recording [Captioning, ASL] | Access Micah’s Handout

What is the importance of storytelling within alternative and marginalized mental health communities? What does it mean to reclaim our narratives, and from who? How can storytelling be used for activism, community connections, and mutual aid? Join Alyssa Cypher and Micah Shelton for a presentation and community discussion on mental health storytelling: a short history of peer storytelling and institutional co-optation, questions to guide the process of reclaiming narratives within all conceptualizations of mental health, and discussions around how we want to reclaim and share our stories (if at all).

Storytelling As Activism: Poetry Workshop with Lauren Russell

Expressionism and Storytelling in the Visual Arts with Jordan Weeks

This series was made financially possible through support from Opportunity Fund. Inside Our Minds is a project of New Sun Rising.