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Saturday, March 7th from 2:00 - 4:00pm
East End Cooperative Ministry
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Anonymous Open Mic is a storytelling project working to build a community narrative around mental health, mental illness, madness, substance use / addiction, trauma, and other similar experiences in Pittsburgh. Anyone can submit a poem, spoken word piece, short story, movement or theatrical performance on the topic to showcase at the event (anything you can do with five minutes and one mic). We also have the opportunity for anonymous submissions: anyone who would like to share their story has the option to submit a piece anonymously and protect their identity. Community members can then volunteer to perform the anonymous work in front of a live audience on behalf of the anonymous storyteller.

We are currently accepting both public and anonymous submissions.
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Event Info

Accessibility: The event space is wheelchair and mobility device accessible, including restrooms and front row seating. ASL interpretation will be provided. Color Communication Badges, stim toys, ear plugs, and floor seating will be available. Please message us if you have any questions!

Transportation / Parking: Some nearby bus stops include the 71B (2min), 71C (3min), 74 (~4min), 77 (~4min), 82 (~4min) 86 (~4min), 88 (~4min), and the East Busway (~7min). There is public parking available in the lot at Harvard Street and Beckett Street, as well as on the street. Please do not park in the East End Cooperative Ministry's adjacent lots (you may be ticketed or towed).

Past Events

View the livestream from our June 2018 event.

View photos from our June 2018 event. [Photos and live recording by The Social Voice Project]

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