About Inside Our Minds

Our Mission

Inside Our Minds is a peer-controlled, radical mental health organization that works to elevate the voices of people with lived experience of mental illness, madness, and other conceptualizations of mental health. We define radical mental health as a dynamic and innovative term that describes how individuals and groups are finding new ways to understand and conceptualize mental health. Radical mental health supports more inclusive and social justice-driven perspectives on mental health, prioritizing the voices of people with lived experience as educators and experts. Inside Our Minds serves the Pittsburgh region through subsidized, community-based radical mental health programming at no cost to participants:

The Radical Mental Health Series, recurring educational workshops that focus on a social justice perspective of mental illness. Radical mental health supports more inclusive and diverse perspectives of mental health, prioritizing the voices of local activists and advocates with lived experience as educators and experts. The Radical Mental Health Series works to educate the public and provide a space for the open discussion of radical mental health topics to promote shared understanding and anti-oppressive practices in mental health. This series is made possible through funding from the Opportunity Fund.

Anonymous Open Mic, an expressive storytelling project working to build a community narrative around mental health in Pittsburgh. Community members are invited to submit a poem, spoken word piece, or short story about mental health, mental illness, madness, substance use / addiction, trauma, or a similar experience to perform at the event. Community members also have the option to submit their piece anonymously and have a volunteer perform the piece live on their behalf. This series is made possible through funding from the Sprout Fund and Staunton Farm Foundation.

Mental Health Cafe, a monthly community conversation on mental health, mental illness, and madness over coffee and treats. Mental Health Cafe focuses on informal discussions and friendly mutual aid in a welcoming space for all.

The Radical Mental Health Reading Group, a monthly informal discussion on different texts in radical mental health, for people of all educational and professional backgrounds (no experience in academia, professional mental health settings, or similar positions is required).

Visions for The Future

We envision Pittsburgh as a city that understands the importance of radical mental health. In order to help our community get to that point, we have set a number of goals for our organization in 2020:

  1. Deliver Meaningful and Equitable Radical Mental Health Programming based on community survey responses and community member feedback. We are working to expand our Mutual Aid Support and Art + Social Justice offerings based on community need.
  2. Expand Community Outreach through new community partnerships and collaborations, increased neighborhood outreach, and online programming.
  3. Prioritize Collective Sustainability through grants and capacity building. (You can help us with this goal by donating.)

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