Yinz Mad? Submission Page

Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting submissions on the topic of “Choice / Options” for our 2020 Mental Health Awareness Month edition. In a system that routinely denies autonomy and self-determination to people who are labeled as having a mental illness, problem, or defect –
we rebel. Addition: We are also opening up this zine issue for submissions on the effects of quarantine and social distancing.

Deadline Extended: Acknowledging that productivity shouldn’t be prioritized during a pandemic, we will be accepting rolling submissions until the end of April, until there is no more room.

Thank you for all of the amazing submissions! The spring zine is now full.

Some Inspiration: 

Taking Medication is a Personal Choice
“And the Psych Ward Says” by Anita D
“On Confinement” by Torrin A. Greathouse
“The Joyful Intersections of Disability Justice, Care, and Pleasure”
“Choosing Madness” by Radical Abolitionist
Nothing About Us Without Us

Types of Work We Accept:

  • Writing: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and experimental.
  • Visual Art: Visual, digital, and mixed media artwork, considered for a front cover feature, back cover, or placement throughout the zine.
  • Reviews: Reflections on books, blogs/vlogs, film/media, and other art forms relating to radical mental health.
  • Journalism: Reporting on local issues relating to mental health.
  • Academic: We will consider academic submissions, but be mindful that we are a small zine with a word limit.

Written submissions should be no more than two double-spaced pages (around 1,500 words for prose, or around 2-5 poems). We will do our best to accurately display poetry with unconventional formatting (please submit poems in unconventional styles as a PDF).

Visual art submissions should be a page or less. We usually print the zine in both color and b&w editions, so consider how your artwork will show up in both (and if you would like to submit two versions of the same piece for color and b&w, let us know). Visual submissions should also provide an alt text description for accessibility (otherwise, our editors will interpret your piece as best as possible).

Questions? Email contact@insideourminds.org.

Submission Criteria and Logistics

Equity and Inclusion: All submissions should follow our Intentional Space Community Agreement, which dictates zero tolerance for discrimination and oppressive language. We prioritize submissions from individuals from marginalized communities and center the voices of those with lived experience.

Payment and Publication Rights: Inside Our Minds is a community organization, fiscally sponsored by a local 501(c)(3). We do not profit from donations received from zines, which go directly into our subsidized community programming. Because we understand how difficult it is for marginalized artists to make a living, we will provide select submissions with a small honorarium, based on funding availability and chosen by the Inside Our Minds Zine Committee. All writers and artists published will receive one print copy and digital access of the publication. We ask all accepted writers and artists to grant us one-time, non-exclusive serial and electronic publication rights to accepted submissions (meaning writers and artists will retain ownership of their work and are free to submit it for publication elsewhere at any time).

Submission Review Process: Submissions are reviewed by the Inside Our Minds Zine Committee, composed of members of the Inside Our Minds Team and community members. All submissions received by the deadline will be considered during an anonymous review. If any members of the Inside Our Minds Zine Committee make a submission for review, they will be expected to recuse themselves from the official discussion and vote. Editorial decisions are final. Writers and authors are welcome to resubmit for future publications.