Meet Our Team

Image of a woman smiling against a plain backdrop. She has red hair and is wearing a blue and white dress with matching earrings.

Alyssa Cypher, MPA - Executive Director

Alyssa is an activist, community organizer, and self-appointed “professional crazy person.” Her life goal is to work towards combining the (often separate) worlds of professional mental health and lived experience, in order to change the way people living with mental illness and madness are perceived and treated in society.

Fun Facts - She's been to Everest Base Camp (17,598 ft) and has driven solo across the United States (with her dog).


Image of a man in a blue shirt smiling at the camera.

Shaun Hartley - Lead Team Member and Editor

Shaun is a man of few words and short bios. He has ADD, Crohn's disease, and epilepsy. He's also recovered from depression. Shaun has served on the planning committee for Access Mob Pittsburgh's Disability March and ADA Anniversary Rally.

Image of a woman with colorful hair smiling at the camera.

Amilia Arnold - Lead Team Member and Media Cinematographer

Amilia is a mish mash of what the heck, oh my god and why would you do that - having dealt with depression, ADHD, social anxiety, a mix of eating disorders, and body dysmorphia disorder. She has many, some say too many, passions in life but has finally made it her goal to become a director and show the world her own insane take on the world. Taking control of her mental illness through sarcasm and humor, she hopes she is fun to be around and loves to be behind cameras documenting life.

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Kate Mafrica Langford - Lead Team Member

Kate has followed the interviews from Inside Our Minds from its start and is excited to have the opportunity to have an active part on the team. As a person who recovered from depression, which she kept a secret from everyone except her closest family, she is happy to be aiding an organization that works to raise awareness and remove stigma from mental illness and treatment. Kate spent several years living and working overseas and currently works as an attorney in labor, black lung, and whistleblower law.