Image of a microphone against a dark background. Text reads "Anonymous Open Mic"

Next Event in Early 2020
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Anonymous Open Mic is a storytelling project working to build a community narrative around mental illness and madness in Pittsburgh. Anyone can submit a poem, spoken word piece, or short story about mental health, mental illness, madness, substance use / addiction, trauma, etc to perform at the event. We also have the opportunity for anonymous submissions: anyone who would like to share their story has the option to submit a piece anonymously and protect their identity. Community members can then volunteer to perform the anonymous work in front of a live audience on behalf of the anonymous storyteller. 

Past Events

View the livestream from our June 2018 event.

View photos from our June 2018 event. [Photos and live recording by The Social Voice Project]

Contact us about sponsoring or hosting an upcoming Anonymous Open Mic!